• Oncology

    DLA/EAC induced ascetic tumor model in mice
    DLA induced solid tumor model in mice
  • Metabolic Diseases

    STZ induced Diabetes
    OGTT (Oral glucose tolerance test)

    High Fat Diet Induced
    Cholesterol Induced
    Feed intake
    Triton induced hyperlipidemia model
  • Inflammation and Immunomodulation

    Acute Inflammation
    Carageenan Induced
    Xylene Induced
    LPS Induced

    Chronic Inflammation
    Collagen induced Arthritis (RA)
    Oxazolone-induced ear edema in mice

    Carbon clearance assay model
    Cellular Immune Response Model
    Humoral Immune Response Model
    Neutrophils Adhesion Test Model
  • Gastrointestinal

    Acute Ulcer  - cytoprotective activity
    Pylorus ligation
    Ethanol induced

    Chronic Ulcer 
    Acetic acid induced
    H. Pylori infection model

    H. Pylori infection model
  • Behavioral and CNS activity

    Social recognition assay
    Skeletal muscle relaxant
    Learning and Memory
  • Fertility

    Estrogenic activity – Overiectomized mouse model
    Sperm motility assay
  • ADME

    Bioavailability assay in rabbits
  • Others

    Anti-asthmatic – Guinea pig model (Histamine chamber)
    Hepatoprotective – study against selective toxicants in rats
    Wound healing – Incision / burn wound models
    Bioavailability study in rabbits

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