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Ethix Pharma utilizes a proven, proprietary process for accelerating enrollment for clinical trials. The 4i (Ideate, Innovate, Investigate, Integrate) Strategic Process is our commitment standard and enables our clients to achieve maximum ROI. Our approach is powered by insights, validated through testing, measured and analyzed relentlessly, and proven across over complex clinical trials since 2010.


Ethix Pharma is committed to bringing innovative solutions to the world of patient recruitment and retention. While we have significant experience with all forms of media, we also help our clients leverage the latest and most innovative methods, including digital, social media, mobile marketing, and unique database and retention solutions.


Ethix Pharma has a history of accelerating enrollment since 2010, we have accelerated patient enrollment for more than 20 clinical trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas and indications. We are proud of our experience and many notable firsts, both in our history and the industry as a whole.


Ethix Pharma is committed to deliver hassle free clinical recruitment by proactive EC communication and integrating regulatory roadmap. We facilitate all EC related activities in advance to match up the timelines and extend support to sponsor’s for submissions. The team liaises with the central and local regulatory bodies for accelerated ethical trial approval.


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